In this chapter you got to know the basics of Communication & Messaging. You have seen how to send mails, SMS and more.
You can do social sharing with the help of a plugin now.
Finally, you’ve taught our app how to use Notifications.

Any remarks or questions?


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    Hi Mr. Dormann,

    I’m really enjoying your ‘Ionic 6’ book in paper printed version. It’s really cool and amusing, but I would like to comment that sometimes URL links are not visible in this format. For instance, in chapter 10 – page 386 we can read: “… in the following GitHub link to the Cordova plugin documentation.”, but real URL underneath is not visible of course. It also happens in some other places within the book…

    I wonder if this detail could be somehow taken into account and solved in the next ‘Ionic 7’ paper printed edition (which I’m eager to buy as soon as it comes up :))

    Many thanks!

    • Andionic


      Hi Alex, thx for your hint! I checked this and I think that my words might be a bit misleading: As a rule, I have always collected all the links at the end of a chapter or section. And as far as I refer to them, it is exactly these links (at the end) that are meant. In the case of page 386, you will find the GitHub link on page 389 (the second link).

      Best, Andreas

      Look forward to my Ionic 7 book (coming out in July):
      There will be an exciting new bonus chapter called Ionic and AI!

      • Reply

        Thanks for replying, Mr. Dormann. I will check page 389 as you say, indeed it may be my fault not having seen it, sorry.
        Wow, this bonus chapter you mention sounds really cool! The countdown is on! 🙂

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