The Ionic Team announces that Capacitor 3 is ready for public beta! This release includes a lot of exciting new features, including:

Individual Packages for APIs

The Core APIs provided by Capacitor have received a lot of new attention with V3. Instead of including all the plugins in the Core API, they’ve split out the plugins into their own packages. This means faster startup times and more control over required permissions.

Run your project from the CLI

A highly requested feature, you can now run your projects directly from the command line with a brand new run command. Say goodbye to context switching!

Dynamic Project Configuration

They’ve added support for having a Capacitor config file that is written in TypeScript! This means getting auto-completion for your config values, as well as the ability to support multiple build environments such as prod/dev/staging.

With the beta the Ionic Team is actively looking for your feedback. Give it a try and let them know how it works for you!

More information here:


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