Ionic 7 - a great book by Andreas Dormann - now on Amazon!

My Ionic 7 book is out!

Ladies and gentlemen, developers and visionaries, the moment we’ve all been eagerly waiting for has arrived! Brace yourselves for the launch of the most exhilarating read in the world of mobile app development – the groundbreaking “Ionic 7: Create awesome and AI-able apps for any platform!” I proudly present to you the latest addition to […]

Ionic Windows

The Ionic team announces Ionic Windows.  With their new Ionic Windows solution, you can deploy truly cross-platform apps across mobile, web, and desktop — with one codebase and full native access on each platform.  Ionic Windows features:  A native Windows platform with integration into modern Windows APIs and features like those available on Microsoft Surface devices.  Integration into […]

Capacitor 3.0

The Ionic team announces a new version of Capacitor. Like any major version change, Capacitor 3.0 will include some new features, but also some changes to how plugins are consumed. They’ve been tracking their ideas on GitHub and have created a few issues to share their plans. This covers new features and bug fixes to […]