The Ionic team announces Ionic Windows

With their new Ionic Windows solution, you can deploy truly cross-platform apps across mobile, web, and desktop — with one codebase and full native access on each platform. 

Ionic Windows features: 

  • A native Windows platform with integration into modern Windows APIs and features like those available on Microsoft Surface devices. 
  • Integration into the core Ionic developer experience with easy-to-use command line tooling and developer-friendly documentation. 
  • A single API across iOS, Android, Web, and now Windows for maximum code reuse and platform compatibility. 
  • Performance and developer experience improvements over legacy desktop approaches, such as Electron. 
  • Support for any web app stack, such as Angular, React, or Vue. 
  • The ability to extend the app with custom platform-specific functionality with a powerful and easy-to-use plugin system. 
  • Coming soon: Native plugin support for Ionic Enterprise native solutions covering single sign-on, biometric authentication, data storage, and more.
  • Seamless integration with Ionic V6’s desktop form factors (now in beta).

Additionally, Ionic Windows comes with Ionic’s customer-loved Support and Advisory services, and is fully maintained and supported by the team of mobile and desktop app experts at Ionic. 

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